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Present board

The Board

The International Sunflower Association is administered by a Board of Directors chosen for a period of four years by the General Assembly.
The present Board was renewed in Edirne, Turkey, in June 2016.

For 2016-2020, the Board is made up of : 

  • Dr Vladimir MIKLIC, Serbia (President & Representative of ISA Sponsors)
  • Mr Etienne PILORGE, France (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Dr Yakov DEMURIN, Russia
  • Dr Maria DUCA, Moldova
  • Dr Valentina ENCHEVA, Bulgaria
  • Dr Laszlo HARGITAY, Hungary
  • Dr Brent HULKE, USA
  • Dr Maria JOITA-PACUREANU, Romania
  • Dr Yalcin KAYA, Turkey
  • Dr Nicolas LANGLADE, France
  • Dr Stefan MASIREVIC, Serbia
  • Dr Mulpuri SUJATHA, India
  • Dr Gian Paolo VANNOZZI, Italy
  • Dr Leonardo VELASCO, Spain
  • Pr Jun ZHAO, PR China

Due to the Global crisis caused by COVID-19, the 20th ISC, originally planned in 2020, has been postponed to June 20th to June 23rd, 2022. Therefore, the reneweal of the Board has also been postponed and will happen at this time.