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Present board

The Board

The International Sunflower Association is administered by a Board of Directors chosen for a period of four years by the General Assembly.
The present Board was renewed in 2022.

For 2022-2024, the Board is made up of : 

  • Prof. Jun ZHAO, PR China (President & Representative of ISA Sponsors)
  • Mr Etienne PILORGE, France (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Dr Rita BAN, Hungary
  • Mrs Amelia Beatriz BERTERO DE ROMANO, Argentina
  • Dr Nicky CREUX, South Africa
  • Dr Yakov DEMURIN, Russia
  • Dr Maria DUCA, Moldova
  • Dr Brent HULKE, USA
  • Dr Maria JOITA-PACUREANU, Romania
  • Dr Yalcin KAYA, Turkey
  • Dr Nicolas LANGLADE, France
  • Dr Kateryna MAKLIAK, Ukraine
  • Dr Vladimir MIKLIC, Serbia
  • Dr Mulpuri SUJATHA, India
  • Dr Daniela VALKOVA, Bulgaria
  • Dr Leonardo VELASCO, Spain