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19th Euro Fed Lipid Congress and Expo, CALL FOR PAPERS

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The deadline for submission of lecture abstracts is 30 March 2023.


  • Analytics and Authenticity
  • Bioscience, Biocatalysis, Biochemistry
  • By-Products in Fats Technology
  • Contaminants and Adulteration
  • Frying Processes
  • Health, Nutrition and Disease
  • Insect and Invertebrate Lipids
  • Lipids in Animal Science, Milk and Dairy Products
  • Lipidomics
  • Lipids in Pharmaceutics and Cosmetics
  • Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants
  • Marine and Algae Lipids
  • Oleochemistry, Biodiesel
  • Oilseeds, Plant Breading, Plant Lipids and Alternative Resources
  • Olive Oil
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Processing and Sustainability
  • Quality and consumer Expectations
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Other Topics