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Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues,

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as your new ISA President, and I look forward to expanding on the great work accomplished by previous presidents and board members. I am also excited to have a fantastic board to work with for the next four years.
First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate our previous ISA president Carlos FEOLI for performing the excellent job with organizing 18th International Sunflower Conference held in Mar del Plata in Argentina in February 2012.
My primary goals for this term are the following:
- Improve collaboration with members and enlarge our community with registration of new members.
- Increase learning and networking opportunities for our members through e - newsletters and events, etc.
- Expand our ISA activities to all parts of the world planting sunflower.
- Increase impact and visibility on policy issues for our sunflower community.
- Develop collaborations with other crop associations and also vegetable oil producers.
I would like to invite members from all parts of the world to publish more papers in Helia , the scientific journal dedicated to sunflower.
We will organize the 19th International Sunflower Conference in Turkey in 2016. Of course, we are also planning some symposia to bring together our community to share our knowledge and experience before 2016.
I am sure that the effort of our sunflower community contributes to the supply of sufficient and better food for everybody in the world.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yalcin KAYA
President of ISA