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Atlas Sunflower broomrape (Orobance cumana Wallr.)

The Atlas Sunflower broomrape (Orobance cumana Wallr.) was written as an overview of the main results obtained by the team of the Centre of Functional Genetics, State University “Dimitrie Cantemir” during the last ten years. For better understanding on all key aspects of the parasitic angiosperm O. cumana the book also provides short description of the parasite structure, distribution, race evolution, control measures etc.

The Atlas includes short presentation of the results (accompanied by bibliographic references) related to  the current state of broomrape in the Republic of Moldova, its economic impact, the progress of research in the field of parasite biology and genetics, some aspects of sunflower defense mechanisms, sunflower germplasm screening and some achievements of sunflower breeding for resistance to Orobanche. The final part of this book synthesizes the major findings and implications of young researchers in realization of the projects.

The Atlas is intended for plant scientists, university lecturers and students, agronomists, breeders and farmers. We fully expect that this approach and the methods will continue to be a rich source of information on a wide range of applications for biological, as well as socioeconomics research themes and questions.

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