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Last name : GEORGIEV
First name : Georgi
Entrance year : 2015
Occupation : Sunflower breeder
Company : Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute
Address : . 9520 General Toshevo / Bulgaria
Main fields of interest :
  • Seeds, genetics
  • Crop protection
  • Machinery
  • Crop production
  • Agronomy
  • Plant physiology
  • Feed industries
  • Nutrition
Professional experience : 13 years: Breeding of sunflower and oilseed rape, Growing of field crops
Education : Agrarian University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Selected publications : * 1. G.Georgiev, N. Nenova, P.Peevska, G.Georgiev. 2018. Investigation on the inheritance of the traits number of seeds per plant and 1000 kernel weight in sunflower hybrids. Journal of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences, JAFES; vol. 72(2):78-82. online ISSN: 2545-4315. * 2. G.Georgiev,N.Nenova, P.Peevska, Y. Encheva. Investigation on Sunflower Lines and Hybrids (Helianthus annuus L.) for Expression of Heterosis and Dominance Rate of Some Important Traits Related to The Leaf Area in F1 under The Conditions of Dobrudzha Region. 2017. Agribalkan Kongres, Namik Kemal University, Faculty og Agriculture, 2 nd INTERNATIONAL BALKAN AGRICULTURE CONGRESS - Electronic Book, . online ISBN : 978-605-4265-49-7 pp: 215-219. * 3. Georgi Georgiev, Nina Nenova, Galin Georgiev, Penka Peevska, Daniela Valkova Inheritance of the duration of vegetative growth (duration between the individual phenophases) in sunflower hybrid combinations under the conditions of North-East Bulgaria. 2018. Proceedings of International Agricultural, Biological & Life Science Conference, AGRIBIOL, 2-5.09.2018, Edirne, Turkey, pp: 246-249.Online ISBN # : 978-975-374-243-6. * 4. Georgi Georgiev, Galin Geotgiev, Plamen Chamurliyski. Agricultural science and technology . 2013.Produvtivity and economic traits of winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus var. biennis) under the conditions of Dobrudzha., vol. 5, N: 4, pp. 424-427; 2013; ISSN 1313-8820 (print); * 5. M. Hristova- Cherbadzi, G.Georgiev. Breeding and agrotechnics of rape (Brassica napus L.). Winter rape- distribution, cultivation and investigation in Bulgaria. 2010. Agricultural science and technology, vol. 2, N: 4, pp. 174-182; 2010; ISSN 1313-8820 (print); * 6. G.Georgiev,N.Nenova,G. Georgiev, P.Peevska, P. Chamurliyski. 2016. Yield and elements of productivity of new experimental sunflower hybrids (Helianthus annuus L). Field Crops Studies, 2016, Vol. X(1):114-119. ISSN: 2535-1133 (Online) ISSN: 1312-3882 (Print). * 7. G.Georgiev,N. Nenova, G.Georgiev, P.Chamurliyski, P.Peevska, Y. Encheva. 2016. Investigation on sunflower line and hybrids (Helianthus annuus L.) for expression of heterosis and dominance rate of important economic traits F1 under the conditions of Dobrudzha region. Proc. 19th International Sunflower Conference, 29 May-3June, 2016, Edirne, Turkey; 484-489. * 8. Georgi Georgiev, Nina Nenova, Penka Peevska, Plamen Chamurliyski.2015. Determining the leaf area of new lines and hybrids of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). Scientific Works Agricultural Univerisity-Plovdiv,2015, т. LIX (2):43-49; P-ISSN: 1312-6318 (print).