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Last name : BERNARDO
First name : Mariano
Entrance year : 2021
Occupation : Agricultural Engineer (M.Sc)
Birthdate : 1978/07/02
Address : . . . / Argentina
Main fields of interest :
  • Seeds, genetics
  • Agronomy
  • Plant physiology
Professional experience : • 1/2022-Actual Sunflower Breeding Manager for Limagrain Argentina • 9/2018 – 12/2021 Sunflower Breeder at Syngenta Argentina. • Responsible of de Continuous Nursery’s program LAS, planning the demand for five years plan, follow the activities to achieve the kpis for this program, interacting with multiples teams in Arica and Puerto Rico. Responsible for the winter nurseries activities of las program (Hybrid’s production, advance generation and fix lines off season) • Planning for molecular markers in the sunflower breeding program and follow the activities and do selection for the different projects. • Responsible of the selection of the stage 2 (GCA) 2400 new Hybrids in 6 locations in Argentina. • 3/2017 - 9/2018 Sunflower Breeder SSR. Nidera Seeds Argentina SAU • 5/2009 - 3/2017: Wheat Breeder Jr. Nidera Semillas, Argentina. • 12/2008 - 5/2009: Field Technician in the quality control of production lots of corn hybrids in NIDERA S.A. • 11/2007 - 3/2008: Field Technician in the quality control of production batches of corn hybrids in Pionner S.R.L. • 11/2006 - 6/2007: Assistant in the area of seed increments of the company GENTOS S.A.
Education : • 1998-2009: Agricultural Engineer, National University of Mar del Plata. • 2013-2015: Magister Scientae in Plant Production, Postgraduate Program in Agricultural Sciences of the Balcarce Integrated Unit EEA-INTA/FCA-UNMdP, specialization Genetic Improvement. Thesis Title: "capacity of different statistical methods to predict the genetic value of wheat lines in current breeding plans."
Selected publications : • IDENTIFICATION OF MOLECULAR MARKERS ASSOCIATED WITH THE FERTILITY OF THE SPIKE IN WHEAT PAN Panelo JS1,2, MP Alonso1,3, PE Abbate1, MA Bernardo1 , AC Pontaroli1,3 . 1 Balcarce Integrated Unit (FCA, UNMdP and EEA INTA Balcarce). 2 Scientific Research Commission of the Province of Buenos Aires 3CONICET. • COMPARISON OF THE NITROGEN AND SULPHUR DILUTION CURVE FOR THE CROP OF WHEAT REUSSI CALVO N.I.; H.E. ECHEVERRÍA; M.A. BERNARDO & H. SAINZ ROZAS Congress; XXII Argentine Congress of Soil Science; 2010