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Last name : CREUX
First name : Nicky
Entrance year : 2021
Occupation : Senior Lecturer
Company : FABI/Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute
Birthdate : 1979/06/20
Address : Plant Science Complex, 4-12, Roper street, Hatfield Campus, University of Pretoria 0083 Pretoria / South Africa
Main fields of interest :
  • Seeds, genetics
  • Crop protection
  • Crop production
  • Agronomy
  • Plant physiology
Professional experience : After my PhD study in 2013, I was hired as an NSF postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Davis under the supervision of Professor Stacey Harmer, where I investigated the circadian and environmental regulation for sunflower floret development and how this influenced the timing of pollinators. In 2019 I was appointed as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Pretoria at the Forestry, Agriculture and Biotechnology Institute (FABI) and I am affiliated with the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. In this position I aim to investigate how crop floral biology is affected by climate change and extreme weather events. Using the tools I have learnt both in my graduate and postdoctoral career I hope to contribute to understanding how climate change and extreme weather events will affect crop yields and start developing solutions to mitigate these effects.
Education : * B.Sc. Molecular Biology, University of Pretoria (2002) * B.Sc. Hons. Genetics, University of Pretoria (2003) * M.Sc. Genetics - with distinction, University of Pretoria (2007) * PhD. Genetics, University of Pretoria (2013) * Title: In silico and functional characterization of the cellulose synthase 8 gene promoter of Eucalyptus trees * Post-doctoral fellowship, University of California, Davis (2018)
Selected publications : * CREUX NM, Harmer SL. 2019. Circadian Rhythms in Plants. Editor: Ronald PC, Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol doi: 10.1101/cshperspect.a034611 * Atamian HS, CREUX NM, Brown EA, Garner AG, Blackman BK, Harmer SL. 2016. Circadian regulation of sunflower heliotropism, floral orientation, and pollinator visits. Science 353: 587- 590 * Spokevicius AV, Taylor L, Melder E, Van Beveran K, Tibbits J, CREUX NM, Bossinger G. 2016. The use of Induced Somatic Sector Analysis (ISSA) for studying genes and promoters involved in wood formation and secondary stem development. JoVE 116 doi: 10.3791/54553 * Hussey SG, Mizrachi E, CREUX NM, Myburg AA. 2013. Navigating the transcriptional roadmap regulating secondary cell wall deposition in plants. Frontiers in plant science 4:325 * CREUX NM, De Castro MH, Ranik M, Maleka MF, Myburg AA. 2013. Diversity and cis-element architecture of the promoter regions of cellulose synthase genes in Eucalyptus. Tree Genetics and Genomes 9: 989-1004