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Helia (Scientific Review)

Helia (Scientific Review)


Table of contents

Trends in sunflower breedinq through genetic gains
Alex V. Vrânceanu, F. M. Stoenescu, Gabriela Soare (Romania) .....5

Characterization of some new cytoplasmic male sterility sources from Helianthus genus
H. Serieys and P. Vincourt (France) .....9 

Evaluation of inbred testers in sunflower hybrid breeding
Y. Dominguez Gimenez, J. Fernrindez Martinez (Spain) .....15

Genetic analysis for some agronomical characters of a sunflower (Helianthus anuus L.) diallel cross
F. Cecconi, C. Pugliesi. S. Baroncelli, M. Rocca (Italy) .....21

Chimerism in M1 plant of sunflower and its significance for mutation breeding
T. Hermelin, S. Daskalov, A. Micke, F. Stoenescu, Monica Iuoras (Austria and Romania) .....29

In vitro immature embryo culture for accelerating the breeding cycle of sunflower lines and its morphovegetative effects 
H. S. Azpiroz, P. Vincourt, H. Serieys, A. Gallais (France) .....35

 Self-compatibility in different sunflower genotypes in Pakistan
Akhtar Beg, Mohammed Aslam, Nicolae Pirvu, Naseer Alam Khan, M Siddique Mirza(Pakistan) .....39

 Wild sunflower germplasm collection from the Eastern United States

G. J. Seiler, W. W. Roath, D. Skoric (U.S.A.) .....43 

Results of a two-year investigation on the most important pathogens in Italy
A. Zazzerini, M. Monotti, Laura Tosi (Italy) .....47 

Interactive effects of applied phosphorus and soil moisture on growth of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
M. Salim, Rahmatullah, S. A. Sultana (Pakistan) .....53 

Trials with winter-sown sunflower
A. Hadjichristodoulou. (Cyprus) .....57 

Information and Reports : The sixth Consultation of the F.A.O. Research Network on Sunflower
(Szeged, Hungary, July 28-31, 1987) .....63.