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ISC & Symposia

Proceedings of ISC & Symposia

4th ISC, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 1970

Table of Contents

Oilseed Protein Strategies for World Food Supplies
Aaaron M. ALTSCHUL .....     1
Economical Significance of Sunflowers in World Trade
A. Richard BALDWIN .....     10
Position of Sunflower in World Agriculture
J. R. JENSMA .....     16
Economics of Producing Sunflowers for Oil in the United States
Warren TROTTER, William GIVAN.....         23
Richard B. Russell  Agricultural Research Center
C.H.H. NEUFELD .....       35

Development and Trends in Sunflower Production 

Latest Developments and Trends in Sunflower Production in Iran
H.G. KHADIVI .....     40
General Aspects of Sunflower Production Development in France
Michel ROLLIER .....     44
Latest Developments in Sunflower Production in Romania
Viorel VRANCEANU .....     46
Recent Trends in Sunflower Production in Canada
Peter BERGEN .....     50
Sunflower Production Developments in Australia
P.J.C. BRAUNS .....     53
Latest Developments and Trends in Sunflower Production in Mexico
Cesar C. GALLEGOS B. .....     55
Sunflower Production, Research and Utilization Trends in Chile
Vital VALDIVIA, Jorge HERRERA .....     59
 Sunflowers in Brazil – the Potential of Sunflower as an Edible Oil Crop in Brazil


The Role of the Processor in the Sunflower Industry
Ralph HAYENGA .....     72
Sunflower Distribution
Joseph R. SMITH .....     76
New Developments in Sunflower Oil Refining and Soapstock Slitting
Gunnar HARALDSSON .....     81
Recent Developments in the Production of Sunflower Protein Isolates
Carl M. CATER, Syed GHEYASUDDIN, K.F. MATTIL, B.M. COLVIN .....     91
Formulation on New Sunflower Seed Products
Douglas MACGREGOR .....     107
Utilization of Sunflower in Human Food Products
Linda DUGGER TALLEY, B.J.C. BRUMMETT, E.E. BURNS .....     110
Factors Affecting Chlorogenic, Quinic, and Caffeic Acid Levels in Sunflower Kernels
J.L. POMENTA, E.E. BURNS .....     114
Potential Utilization of Sunflower Oil in the United States
Leif R. ANDERSON .....     119

Breeding and Improvement Research

Sunflower Hybrids Using Male Sterility
P. LECLERCQ.....     123
How to Produce Hybrid Sunflower Seeds by Inducing Male Sterility With Gibberellic Acid
G. PIQUEMAL  (with J. CLEOMENE’s technical collaboration).....     127
Advances in Sunflower Breeding in Romania
Viorel VRANCEANU .....     136
Outlook for Breeding Sunflowers with Reference to Disease Resistance and Improvement of Oil Content and Quality
E. KURNIK .....     149
Sunflower Research – A Progress Report
Henry ENNS, D.G. DORRELL, J.A. HOES, W.O CHUBB .....     162
Sunflower Breeding and Agronomic Research in Kenya
G.M. RAVAGNAN .....     168
Advances in Sunflower Breeding by Industry in the United States and South America
Freeman K. JOHNSON .....     179
New Developments in the USDA and State Experiment Station Sunflower Breeding Programs
Murray  L. KINMAN .....     181

Entomology, Pathology, Physiology and Chemistry

Ecology and Control of the Sunflower Moth Homoeosoma lectellem (Hulst.) in Texas
George L. TEETES, N.M. RANDOLPH .....     184
The Carrot Beetle Bothynus gibbosus (De Geer), Problem in Cultivated Sunflower in the Texas High Plains
D.G. BOTTRELL, R.D. BRIGHAM .....     187
Utilization of Sunflower Oil in Pesticide Sprays
R.G. ROBINSON .....     199
Sunflower Disease Research at MACDONALD COLLEGE
W.E. SACKSTON .....     202
The Response of Sunflower Genotypes to Natural Infection by Macrophomina phaseoli
R.G. ORELLANA .....     209
Variability in the Fatty Acid Composition of Sunflower Seed Oil
P.F. KNOWLES, S.R. TEMPLE, F. STOLP .....     215
The Relationship between Dietary Fat and the Prevention of Atherosclerosis
A.J. VERGROESSEN .....     219

Culture, Management and Harvesting

Increased Agricultural Productivity in an Earth Day Era
E. BRAD FAGAN .....     223
Standardization of Sunflower Variety Trials
J.R. JENSMA.....     233
Evaluation of Herbicides on Weeds and Sunflowers in Georgia
B.J. JOHNSON .....     235
The Performance of Four Open-Pollinated Sunflower Cultivars under Varying Populations and Row Widths
James R. LOFGREN .....     242
Effects of Nitrogen Rates and Plant Spacing on Sunflower Seed Yields and Other Characteristics
John H. MASSEY .....     254
The Sunflower – Potential Crop for Idle Land
Vance H. WATSON, Donald L. MYHRE, Joe O. SANFORD, Coleman Y. WARD ..... 258
Mechanical Harvesting of Sunflowers in Tennessee
Richard C. SHADDEN, J.A. MULLINS, Tom MCCUTCHEN .....     265
Sunflower Meal and Hull Utilization
Kenneth O. LEWIS .....     271
Factors affecting Production of Sunflowers
Marvin KLEVBERG .....    273