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ISC & Symposia

Proceedings of ISC & Symposia

2nd Symposium on Broomrape in Sunflower, Chisinau, Moldova, 2011

2nd Symposium on Broomrape (Orobanche spp.) in Sunflower, Chisinau, Moldova, August 25-27, 2011

Symposium Sunflower Breeding on Resistance to Diseases, Krasnodar, Russia 2010

Symposium Sunflower Breeding on Resistance to Diseases, Krasnodar, Russia June 23-24,2010 - Proceedings  

3rd Sunflower Symposium in Developing Countries, Entebbe, Uganda, 2007

Synthesis of the Symposium & Summary of discussions

1st Symposium on Broomrape in Sunflower, Edirne, Turkey , 2008

Opening Talks: Dr. Yalcin KAYA, Chair, Organizing Committee  Dr. Necmi BESER, Director of Trakya Agricultural Research Institute  Dr. Vehbi ESER, President of Turkish Plant Breeders Association Prof Dr. Dragan SKORIC, On the behalf of Scientific Committee  Assoc. Prof Dr. Masum BURAK, Director General, The General Directorate of Agricultural Research Orobanche Resistance in Sunflower Invited speaker: D. M. Joel, D. Plakhine Conditioning of Orobanche in Agricultural Fields: Ecophysiological AspectsInvited speakers: A. Höniges, K. Wegmann, A. Ardelean  Session: BROOMRAPE BIOLOGY, PLANT HOST RELATIONSHIPS Session Chair : Prof. Dr. Jose Maria Melero Vera Broomrape (Orobanche spp.) Problem in The Eastern Mediterranean Region of Turkey F. Bülbül, E.Aksoy, S.Uygur, N.Uygur Current status of…

Symposium on Sunflower Industrial Uses, Udine, Italy, 2006

Lignano Sabbia d'Oro, Udine  - September 10-14, 2006Table of contents “Sincron”, a new Brassica carinata cultivar for biodiesel productionAlessandro Bozzini, Fortunato Calcagno and Titi Soare, ItalyA self-sufficient system (“Energy Island”) fed only with Bio-Oil from local crops Gioacchino NARDINCIFRA, Giuseppe CATANZAROA, ItalyACHIEVEMENTS AND BOTTLENECKS IN DEVELOPING SUNFLOWER HYBRIDS FOR UGANDAWalter O. Anyanga, UgandaASAGIR proposal: Building a Sunflower Worldwide NetworkCarlos Feoli, ASAGIR, ArgentinaBreeding for specialty oil types in sunflowerJosé M. Fernández-Martínez, Begoña Pérez-Vich, Leonardo Velasco, Juan Domínguez, SpainCATALYTIC TRANSFORMATION OF SEED OIL DERIVATIVES VIA OLEFIN METATHESISSusannah L. Scott, USACOMMERCIAL SUNFLOWER HYBRID EVALUATION IN EAST CENTRAL ITALYLaur…

2nd Intern. Symposium on Sunflower in Developing Countries, Benoni, South Africa, 2002

Session 1 : Genetic Development of Sunflower in Developing CountriesChairperson : Johan POTGIETER a. Wild Sunflower Germplasm : A Perspective on Characteristics of Use to Sunflower Breeders in Developing CountriesDr. Gerald J. SEILER, USAb.Genotype-environment Interactions and Stability Estimates for Sunflower Varieties Grown in Diverse Environments in KenyaWilson M. THAGANA, Kenyac. Combining Ability among some Argentine Sunflower Populations for Sclerotinia sclerotiorum resistance. (presented as a poster)Fernando CASTANO, Raul RODRIGUEZ, José RE, Argentina, and Maurizio TURI, Sattar TAHMASEBI-ENFERADI, Gian Paolo VANNOZZI and Mario BALDINI, Italy. Session 2 : Breeding and Cultivar Choice in Developing CountriesChairperson : Dr. Jerry MILLER, USA a.Advantages and Disadvantages of…