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Seminars and symposia

1st Sunflower-Pollinator interactions Web conference, October 6-7, 2021

Newbees presentations

Uyabongeka MEMELA, FABI Pretoria. The physiological effects of heat stress on anthesis and pollination in domesticated sunflowers.

Xavier BRITS, FABI Pretoria. Hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) as pollinators of sunflowers in the Waterberg region area of Limpopo province, South Africa.



Nicola GALLAI, INRAE Toulouse


Agronomy, Ecology & Environment

Stan CHABERT, University of Florida. Insect pollination is necessary to maximise seed yield and oil content in sunflower, but a low bee density is enough.

James DESAEGHER, Dynafor, INRAE Toulouse. Optimising spatial distribution of mass-flowering patches at the landscape scale to increase crop pollination.

Jarrad PRASIFKA, USDA. Sunflower Traits and Crop Pollination.

Sreten TERZIC, IFCV Novi Sad. Past and ongoing trials oriented at improving the pollination efficiency by evaluating pollinators, plants and environment.



Jennifer DECHAINE, Central Washington University. Floral trait architecture in crop sunflower (Helianthus annuus) under drought conditions under drought conditions.

Olivier CATRICE LIPME, INRAE Toulouse. Heliopollen: Impact of Drought Stress on Sunflower's Attractivity to Pollinators.

Nicky CREUX, FABI Pretoria. Sunflower Anthesis: The delicate balancing act of climate control.



Carine MARSHALL, UC Berkeley. Daily rhythms of sunflower anthesis are coordinated by the circadian clock.

Marco TODESCO, UBC Vancouver. UV patterns in wild sunflowers: one gene and two functions.

Srinidhi HOLALU, UC Berkeley. Mapping Floral Maturation Traits in Cultivated and Wild Sunflowers.

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