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ISC & Symposia

Proceedings of ISC & Symposia

2nd Intern. Symposium on Sunflower in Developing Countries, Benoni, South Africa, 2002

Session 1 : Genetic Development of Sunflower in Developing Countries
Chairperson : Johan POTGIETER

a. Wild Sunflower Germplasm : A Perspective on Characteristics of Use to Sunflower Breeders in Developing Countries
Dr. Gerald J. SEILER, USA
b.Genotype-environment Interactions and Stability Estimates for Sunflower Varieties Grown in Diverse Environments in Kenya
Wilson M. THAGANA, Kenya
c. Combining Ability among some Argentine Sunflower Populations for Sclerotinia sclerotiorum resistance. (presented as a poster)
Fernando CASTANO, Raul RODRIGUEZ, José RE, Argentina, and Maurizio TURI, Sattar TAHMASEBI-ENFERADI, Gian Paolo VANNOZZI and Mario BALDINI, Italy.

Session 2 : Breeding and Cultivar Choice in Developing Countries
Chairperson : Dr. Jerry MILLER, USA

a.Advantages and Disadvantages of Breeding Open-pollinated Varieties or Hybrids in Developing Countries. 
Dr.Florin STOENESCU, Canada
b.The National Plant Germplams System's Sunflower Collection : Genectic Diversity for Developing Countries 
Dr. Mary E. BROTHERS and Dr. Gerald SEILER, USA
c.Choice of Sunflower Cultivar and Breeding Objectives for Different Growing Conditions in North-East India  
Dr. D. P. BARUAH, India
d. Simplified Procedures for Development and Purification of A & R Lines in Cultivated Sunflower
The Status and Prospects of Sunflower Breeding in Uganda(presented as a poster)
Walter O. ANYANGA, Uganda
Varietal Renovation in CV. Mordan (presented as poster)
Variability Studies in Helianthus annuus L. Germplasm (presented as poster)

Session 3 : Sunflower Pathology in Developing Countries
Chairperson : Dr. R. KLOPPERS

a. What a Resistance Geneticist / Breeder can do when Faced with a New Disease of Pathotype
Dr. Felicity VEAR, France

b. Genetic Control of Sunflower Partial Resistance to Downy Mildew (Plasmopara halstedii) and Black Stem (Phoma macdonaldii) 
by the Use of Recombinant Inbred Lines (RIL's)

Dr. G. Rachid Al-Chaarani SARRAFI, France

Session 4 : Sunflower Entomology in Developing Countries
Chairperson : Prof. Gian Paolo VANNOZZI

  1. Entomological Challenges for Sunflower as an Introduced Agricultural Crop : 
    Review of Insect Pests and their Damage in Africa and Southern Asia

    Dr. Larry D. CHARLET, USA.
  2. Wild Host Plants and Temperature Tolerance of Nysius natalensis (Heteroptera : Orsillidae) contributes to High Population Levels on Sunflower in South Africa. Me H. du PLESSIS, RSA
  3. Compensation by Sunflower for Loss of Florets and Seeds to Simulated Bollworm Damage.
    Me H. du PLESSIS, RSA
  4. Insect Pests of Sunflower in South Africa. (presented as a poster)
    Me H. du PLESSIS, RSA
  5. Chemical Control of the False Chinch Bug, Nysius natalensis evans (Hemiptera : Orsillidae) on Sunflower in South Africa. (presented as a poster)
    Me H. du PLESSIS, RSA

Session 5 : Production Practices for Sunflower in Developing Countries
Chairperson : Dr. A. NEL

  1. Sunflower Production and Important Production Strategies in South Africa
    Dr. H. L. LOUBSER, RSA 
  2. Sunflower in Morocco
    M. MEDOUAR and M. El ASRI, Morocco
  3. Behaviour of Two Sunflower Varieties intercropped with Maize in Mozambique. (presented as a poster)
    A. OLIVIERI, Mozambique
  4. Sunflower Performance at Plough out Sugar Cane Areas
    Maria Regina GONCALVES UNGARO, Luiz A.AMBROSIO, Afonso.P. FILHO, Nuria P. CALVET,
    Antonio C. L. LINO and Raffaella ROSSETTO, Brazil
  5. Sunflower : Challenges and Emerging Issues in India 
    Dr. V. MURALIDHARAN, India 
    f. Variations for Biomass and Economical Yield among Sunflower Cultivars 
    in different Growing Seasons.
    (presented as a poster)
    Maria Regina GONCALVES UNGARO & N.P. CALVET,Brazil

Session 6 : Oil and Grain Quality
Chairperson : André POUZET, France

  1. Altering Fatty Acids of Sunflower to Improve Oil Stability
    Dr. Jerry MILLER, USA.
  2. Sunflower Processing Quality : A South African Perspective
    Dr. A. NEL, H.L. LOUBSER & P.S. HAMMES, South Africa

and The Fat Consumption in the World : the Actual Situation
Elizabeth KHUMALO, Alessandra MARACCHINI, Silvia SCUBLA,
a common work by students from the University of Udine, ITALY and
from the University of Zululand, South Africa.

Session 7 : Technological Applications of Sunflower
Chairperson : Dr. H.L. LOUBSER, RSA

a. Small-Scale Sunflower Oil Expelling Technology.Dr. Lourens M. du PLESSIS, RSA