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ISC & Symposia

Proceedings of ISC & Symposia

4th ISC, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 1970

Table of Contents Oilseed Protein Strategies for World Food SuppliesAaaron M. ALTSCHUL .....     1Economical Significance of Sunflowers in World TradeA. Richard BALDWIN .....     10Position of Sunflower in World AgricultureJ. R. JENSMA .....     16Economics of Producing Sunflowers for Oil in the United StatesWarren TROTTER, William GIVAN.....         23Richard B. Russell  Agricultural Research CenterC.H.H. NEUFELD .....       35 Development and Trends in Sunflower Production  Latest Developments and Trends in Sunflower Production in IranH.G. KHADIVI .....     40General Aspects of Sunflower Production Development in FranceMichel ROLLIER .....     44Latest Developments in Sunflower Production in RomaniaViorel VRANCEANU .....     46Recent Trends in Sunflower Production in CanadaPeter…

3rd ISC, Crookston, Minnesota, USA, 1968

Table of contents Industry and Production  Economical Significance of Sunflowers in the USSRV.M.SUSLOV.....   1 Sunflower Production and Utilization Trends in CanadaPeter BERGEN.....     12Sunflower Production and Utilization Trends (Southern USA)Dalton E. GANDY .....     15Sunflower Production and Utilization Trends (Australia)A.J. LEMON ..... 18 A Glance at the Sunflower Culture and Improvement Activities in TurkeyRecai TASAN ..... 22 Sunflower Production and Utilization Trends (Northern United States)Ralph HAYENGA ..... 25 Soviet Sunflowers and the World Vegetable Oil MarketDavid SCHOONOVER .....     29Trends in Birdseed and Confectionery TradeRalph W. TAYLOR .....     34A Review of the Nutritional Value of Sunflower MealKeith J. SMITH, Dalton E. GANDY .....     37Cultural Practice in…

2nd ISC, Manitoba, Canada, 1966

Table of contents Greetings from Academician V. Pustovoit  Production and MarketingSunflower production, marketing and outlook in ChileM. Orellana, B, Rapaport, ChileSunflower production and breeding in the USSRA. Y. Panchenko, RussiaMarketing sunflower nutmeatsRichard D. Tretsven, USASunflower production, marketing and outlook for United StatesR, F. Gunkelman, R. F, Gunkelman, N. D. Paul Klinger, Oakes, M. D., M. Stolquist. USASunflower production, marketing and outlook for CanadaP. Bergen, CanadaSunflower production in Saskatchewan & AlbertaR. F. Kern, J, Gordon Ross Syndicate, Moose Jaw, Canada Sunflower diseasesRust W. E. Sackston, M. A. Jabbar Miah,. C.-Y. Liang, P. N. Sood, CanadaDowney mildewW. E, Sackston, P. G. Goossen, CanadaCharcoal rotW, E. Sackston, S. B. Mathur, Y.-H.…

1st ISC, Texas, USA, 1964

Table of contents Report on commercial sunflower production and processing in Minnesota and North Dakota Clark E. Dahlgren, USAReport on commercial sunflower seed production and processing in California Deryl Bondshu, USACommercial sunflower production and processing in California D. B. Grissom, USACommercial sunflower seed production and marketing in Canada Peter Bergen, CanadaReport on sunflower research in Argentina Aurelio Luciano, Argentina Report on sunflower research and production in the U.A.R. Mostafa H. Serry, EgyptSunflower breeding in Canada Eric D. Putt, Canada USDA-Texas cooperative sunflower breeding and genetic research at College Station, TexasMurray L. Kinman, USAAgronomic studies with sunflowers in Minnesota R. G.. Robinson, USARust race Situation arid other sunflower…

3rd Symposium on Broomrape, Cordoba, Spain, 2014

Communications presented in the framework of the Symposium

Symposium on Sunflower Genetic Resources, Kusadasi, Turkey, 20011

Symposium on Sunflower Genetic Resources, Kusadasi, Izmir, Turkey, October 16-20 2011 * Abstracts* Conclusion by Dr Felicity Vear